November 22 — December 02
11.22 — 12.02
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Duration: 31 min
Language: English

What is the negative impact of cyberwar and digital dependence on humanity? What if only mushrooms and mold survived after an apocalypse? Why did a space drone get inside an asteroid? These and other dystopian fantasies about the future of technology are for you to experience in the Polytech360 VR-zone.


Australia/Chine, 2017. Duration: 3:21

A sci-fi documentary about the adventures of a girl who creates memories of her loved one. This project examines how technology influences both our reality and memory as we increasingly trust our lives to digital devices.


USA, 2016. Duration: 15 minutes

A VR-version of the investigation of the Stuxnet computer virus reveals how cyberwar threatens humanity. The original documentary made the Oscar shortlist in 2016 and was nominated for the Golden Bear in Berlin.


France, 2017. Duration: 7 minutes

A journey to a post-apocalyptic world where only the only survivors are fungi and mold which nest in dried-up remains of giant insects. This work is a new installment in the “Planet” series by Japanese artist and director Momoko Seto.


Germany, 2015. Duration: 6 minutes

The Sundance festival's VR-hit about a space drone that detects some strange signal coming from the depths of an asteroid, and dives deep into its cave to locate the source and find out everything.

Ticket price — 400 rub.

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