November 22 — December 02
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VR. Techno-optimism
Duration: 31 min
Language: English

What it is like to prepare for a spacewalk and stroll through the world of the future, as Arthur C. Clarke imagined it to be? What does it feel like to be blind? Get ready for a new experience in the Polytech360 VR zone.


UK, 2016. Duration: 7 minutes

A revolutionary work on how a person who has lost his sight “sees” the world. This documentary is based on an audio diary of John Hull, who scrupulously monitored how his perception changed after he had gone blind. The 360-degree format of the film and binaural sound will provide a frighteningly realistic immersive experience.


Canada, 2018. Duration: 18 minutes

A new cinematic VR series from the Emmy Award winners Felix & Paul Studios was created in partnership with NASA. Obviously, this film is about space. It will make you feel like an astronaut and lead you through all the stages of preparation for a space flight.


France, 2017. Duration: 6 minutes

In 1964, Arthur C. Clarke, the great British science fiction writer, and Stanley Kubrick’s co-writer revealed his vision of the future. In fact, he predicted it quite accurately. “I saw the future” presents a three-dimensional model of the future, as Clarke imagined it, accompanied with his voice taken from an archive recording.

Ticket price — 400 rub.

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