November 22 — December 02
11.22 — 12.02
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Techno-optimism / techno-pessimism
Our notions of the future always fall between two opposites: unjustified pessimism and high expectations. This year's Festival delves deep into the issue of Techno-optimism / Techno-pessimism. It features films about killer robots and cyber-cops, members of the Flat Earth Society and 'space botanists'. There are human stories here too: the future is defined by courage and doubt, but not by futurological predictions.
Discussion program
A series of discussions and lectures focused on the context in which modern researchers exist and the impact that technology has on our lives. Dr. Alan Stern will talk about the mission to Pluto, whereas Joe Davis will reveal how art influences science. A dozen of visionaries, philosophers and geeks will present hit documentaries from the film program and also take part in discussions of some important issues from the world of science and technology.
Competition program
The competition program includes seven of the most prominent pop-sci hits of this year’s international film festivals. The documentaries about scientific discoveries and new technology cover a wide range of relevant topics: artificial intelligence, space exploration, biodiversity conservation, renewable energy sources and the role of science in the post-truth era.
The Mars generation
Not everyone will be taken into the future, but there are people who will surely get there. They are teenagers who have devoted themselves to science: young, ambitious geeks who are already working on our tomorrow scenario. The children's program of the Festival features three films that focus on a new generation. Each of them gives a panoramic view of the world of young scientists and the problems that they are eager to solve - from air pollution to the colonization of Mars.
Special screenings
Why vaccinate children? What does it mean to be a creative person? There are questions that traditionally raise controversy in scientific circles and social networks. In fact, every attempt to reach an agreement provokes even more questions. We have selected the most controversial films of the Festival to present them as a separate program. You can not only learn what the filmmakers have to say, but also take part in discussion panels after the screenings.
VR Program
This year the Polytech360 Festival features a selection of 360-degree projects. We have set up a VR zone with special goggles and controllers required for the screenings. Seven films from various parts of the World will continue with this year’s main theme – "Techno-optimism/Techno-pessimism" whereas a VR-program for children will take you on a trip to the Museum of Natural History in London in the company of Sir David Attenborough. Get ready to test your perception when you deeply immerse into virtual real
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