November 22 — December 02
11.22 — 12.02
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Ask Alan Stern


“Ask Alan Stern” — a competition that we started on our social networks.

Alan Stern is a NASA planetary scientist, the principal investigator of the New Horizons mission to Pluto. He is a person who knows where and when man will fly in space next. In other words, Alan is a great scientist. And naturally, we have a lot of questions for him. We invite you to ask Alan Stern a question and win one of twenty tickets to his lecture on November 22.

What is it like to work at NASA? What is the job of the people of the New Horizons mission? What makes a planet a planet? To get answers, we invited Alan Stern to Polytech360 Festival.

Terms of the competition.

Repost this publication on Facebook или VK with your question to Alan Stern. Do not forget the hashtags #спросиАланаСтерна и #политех360. You can ask anything you would like. About his work at NASA or his life of a scientist, for example. We will select 20 winners of the competition and invite them to the lecture that will take place on November 22 at the Russian State Library.

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