November 22 — December 02
11.22 — 12.02
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Polytech360 is a large-scale film festival of ideas and breakthroughs in science and technology. How do ideas influence our lives and minds? How do culture and art respond to progress? This year's Festival features documentaries about big ideas that change the world.

Our notions of the future always fall between unjustified pessimism and high expectations. We fear artificial intelligence, yet at the same time, we put our hope in it. We see the Earth’s natural resources being depleted, yet we believe that we can stop it. But, what will really happen? A thoughtful glance at the future is always retrospective. «The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed”, as the great visionary William Gibson has put it.

Progress is a series of quiet revolutions whereas the realization of what is happening almost always lags behind. The Festival program brings together these three themes: techno-pessimism, techno-optimism, and reality. Here we have killer robots and Filipino moderators who have become policemen of the virtual world. It also features the Flat Earth Society and solar-powered aircraft pilots; a company that is ahead of the future, and a company that is stuck in the past. There are human stories here too: the future is defined by many things - courage and doubt, feats and human tragedies, and definitely not by futurological predictions.

Grand jury

Andrey Loshak is a journalist and reporter, co-founder of online publication «Takie dela». He is a winner of the national television award TEFI in 2003. His credits include the 6-part documentary film “Journey from St. Petersburg to Moscow: a special path”. Andrey co-produced the multimedia project “Berezovsky’s Time”.

Vitaly Kurennoy, Ph.D., Head of the School of Cultural Studies at the Department of Humanities, National Research University of Higher School of Economics, translator and publicist. He wrote over a hundred publications on philosophy, sociology and culture studies including the book “Philosophy of Film: Exercises in Analysis” (2009). Currently, he is a science editor of "Logos".

Andrey Brodetsky is a journalist, blogger, founder and writer of one of the most popular Telegram channels of Ukraine, “Technologies, Media and the Public”. Former chief editor of the Apparat online magazine about new society and technology.

Selection committee

Alena Bocharova is the managing director of Beat Films Company and co-founder of Beat Film Festival, a festival of new documentary films about contemporary culture. In the past, she curated special projects at the Documentary Films Center and worked as the art director of the "Pioneer" cinema. Alena graduated from the School of Cultural Journalism and has a diploma in international journalism.

Kirill Sorokin is the Art director and co-founder of the Beat Film Festival, a new documentary film festival about contemporary culture. He has written for Kommersant, Esquire, Afisha, GQ, Rolling Stone etc. Kirill holds a degree in sociology of culture. Previously he was a member of the jury of such international film festivals as CPH: DOX (Copenhagen, Denmark) and New Horizons (Wroclaw, Poland).

Sergei Nemalevich is a journalist, science observer at Radio Liberty, a former science editor of Vokrug Sveta magazine. He graduated from the Department of Mathematics and Mechanics of St. Petersburg State University.

Alexander Panchin, PhD, is a graduate of the Department of Bioengineering and Bioinformatics of Moscow State University, senior researcher at the Institute for Information Transmission Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, member of the Commission on Pseudoscience and Research Fraud of the Russian Academy of Sciences, writer of the award-winning book "The Sum of Biotechnology".

Anton Utkin is a film director, screenwriter, and futurologist. He worked as a consultant for the UN. Currently, he writes game scripts and works on a VR-project about space. Anton was the first director in Russia to create a series about people with HIV.

Olga Vad is curator of special projects at the Polytechnic Museum. Olga has a degree from the Russian Language and Literature Department of St. Petersburg State University. She also graduated from the School of Cultural Journalism at the Pro Arte Institute and the Institute of Contemporary Art (IPSI). She took part in Moscow curatorial summer school of the V-A-C Foundation in 2015. Olga is a finalist of the EUNIC contest for young curators in 2016, a visiting curator at the Ars Electronica Festival (Austria, Linz).

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